Ideal Destinations For Backpacking

Ideal Destinations For Backpacking

Backpacking surely is the most exciting, challenging and rewarding experience for any traveler. As you’ll discover facts about the countries you visit, you will discover much about yourself. It’s a life changing experience. But from where you would start? As choices are great, some destinations are better than others for backpacking. What tourists need is the economical lodging, convenient transportation services and friendly hosts. Some of the great backpacking destinations are mentioned here offering all, a backpacker can wish for.

Ireland is a great place for backpacking adventure; it has a mystical feel in itself. Ireland has much to offer to the backpackers, whether it is the serenity of verdant woodland or the hustle and bustle of Dublin. Green hills, castles, friendly hosts and stouts are grasping attraction of many. Things to see there is the Newgrange that is among the oldest Stone Age structures in the world and the burial mound and monument that is a part of Irish history for centuries. A huge advantage of wandering around Ireland is of course it’s relatively short distances. Hiring a car is a nice option as there is a good network of roads and public transportation is very expensive in comparison to other destinations.

Another fabulous backpacking destination is Greece. From the simmering streets of Athens to the Patmos’s tranquil island, there is much more to see. Things to see over there include hill towns of Arcadia such as Stemnitsa, Dhimitsana and Karytaina, which offer serene relief from big cities. The Peloponnese is blessed with rugged natural beauty.

When talking about popular backpacking destinations, we can’t miss out Spain. It is famous for fantastic food, language, culture and bull fighting. It is quite affordable in comparison to other European countries. Spain has everything a backpacker could wish for. Places to see here include Barcelona. It’s fascinating culture, warm nightlife and great architecture is the secret of its popularity. The peninsular walled city is full of the exciting ancient. It has lovely beaches to boot.

Amsterdam of course is another well-known tourist destination looking for history, culture, fantastic food and fun. De Wallen is a place to visit; it is the most famous red light district of the city. You can also move to the calm countryside of the Netherlands. To visit these verdant plains the best way is via bike.

Do not miss out this fantastic place for all of you interested in backpacking adventure, its Argentina. It is well known for its natural beauty and grace. This sultry country is quite inexpensive, inspiring and captivating. Whether it is the steaming hot nightlife of Buenos Aires to the rugged coastline of Tierra Del Fuego, there is a lot more to discover. Things to see there is Perito Moreno that is the largest flowing glacier of the world. On the way, you should take Ruta 40 through Patagonia, one of the world’s most spectacular wonderlands on earth. The best way to move around in Argentina is via buses as the quality of service is high and these are quite affordable.

So options are numerous for all of you interested in backpacking. What are you waiting for? Choose the one you think is the best and go for an amazing experience that you going to remember all your life.


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